Scholarships for Armenians

Armenian American Scholarships

Armenian Americans who have their roots in the former Soviet Union (USSR) are academically accomplished students who decide to pursue education in various professional fields including Engineering, Science, Nursing, Medicine, Healthcare and Business Administration including Finance and Accounting. There are several scholarships available to students for Armenian descent including the ones from ASA.

Armenian Students Association Scholarship This ASA scholarship is created for both undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship is also open to international students of Armenian descent. Sophomores at a 4 year college, or transfer students from a 2 year college or students earning a masters degree qualify for this scholarship. Varies March 15th Warwick
Armenian Allied Arts Association Scholarships Armenian students who are interested in Art can earn this scholarship through an annual arts competition. Student must be in art, literature, drama, poetry, instrumental music, vocal music, and music composition. $1000 March 31st Studio City
AACL Educational Scholarship Armenian American Citizen’s League offers a renewable scholarship in the amount up to $2000 to students of Armenian origin living in California. $2000 March 1st Fresno
Armenian American Medical Association Students studying in a private medical school at one of the New England states which is composed of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are eligible for this scholarship. $3000 October 20th Watertown
Armenian American Pharmacists Association Scholarship Pharmacy students of Armenian descent who are studying in an undergraduate pharmacy school in Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island are qualified for this scholarship. Varies September 15th Boston
Armenian Cultural School Association Scholarship Also known as the Armen H. Bululian Scholarship, the residents of Monmouth or Ocean Counties in New Jersey entering or enrolled in a 4 year degree program are eligible for this academic scholarship. $1000 Varies Elberon
Richard R. Tufenkian Memorial Scholarship Armenian Educational Foundation offers five $2000 scholarships to undergraduate students of Armenian descent. $2000 July 29th Glendale
Armenian General Athletic Union Scholarship This is a non renewable scholarship for Armenian students who are graduating high school students. $1000 May 15th Emerson
A.G.B.U. Loan Program Armenian General Benevolent Union offers loans to full-time students of Armenian heritage pursuing a graduate program. Loans can range from $5000-$7000 at an interest rate of 3% and repayment starts after 12 months of graduation. Students usually have 5-10 years of repayment. $7000 Varies New York
Jack Arpajian Armenian Educational Foundation Scholarship Arpajian Armenian Educational Foundation offers $2500 per semester to students of Armenian descent enrolled in four-year U.S. colleges and universities. A student can earn this scholarship for up to four years. $5000 Varies Exton
Armenian Professional Society of the Bay Area This scholarship is for students interested in Armenian studies programs, elementary and secondary level teaching careers in Armenian schools. $2000 November 15th San Francisco
Eremian Scholarship Offered by the Armenian Relief Society, this need based scholarship is for students who are attending a 4 year college. Varies April 1st Watertown
Armenian Students Association of America Grants ASAA offers renewable grants to both graduate and undergraduate students of Armenian descent. $1500 March 15th Belmont
Harry and Angel Zerigian Scholarship Armenian students who are second year students in an accounting program are eligible for this scholarship. Varies Varies Waltham
Knights of Vartan, Fresno Lodge #9 Scholarship Students studying Armenian Studies, Armenian language, or Armenian history at CSU Fresno are eligible for this scholarship. $750 November 1st Fresno
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship This scholarship is for Armenian students who are interested in studying in Portugal. Varies April 15th P-1067 Lisboa Codex
Constantinople Armenian Relief Society (C.A.R.S.) Scholarship $600 June 30th New York
Emmanuel Bible College Armenian Scholarship Students who are interested in working as a minister, evangelist, missionary, or youth director after graduation can get this scholarship. Varies June 30th Pasadena
Garikian Scholarship Fund Students of Armenian descent majoring in Armenian studies/literature, sociology, psychology, political science, Middle Eastern history, journalism, education or music are qualified for this scholarship. $1000 August 31st Los Angeles
Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation Scholarship This full tuition, renewable scholarship is for Armenian women attending Georgian Court. Varies Varies Lakewood
Hai Guin Scholarship Association Student of Armenian descent residing and attending school in Massachusetts can get this scholarship. $1000 October 25th Belmont
John M. Azarian Memorial Armenian Youth Scholarship Fund Students of Armenian descent can qualify for this $500-$3000 scholarhip. $3000 May 1st Midland Park
Hagop Bogigian Scholarship Fund Armenian students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher attending MHC can qualify for this scholarship. Varies March 1st South Hadley
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research Scholarship Graduate and post-graduate students doing research in the field of Armenian studies can qualify for a research grant. Student may use the grant for travel, cost of microfilms or other research materials and for similar expenses, for a period not exceeding one year Varies Varies Belmont
Hazaros Tabakoglu Scholarship Fund Scholarship The New York Community Trust offers scholarship to full-time undergraduates of Armenian descent. $5000 May 1st New York
Rev. & Mrs. A.K. Jizmejian Educational Fund Scholarship Fourth year undergraduate students who are pursuing full-time studies in theological seminary. $1500 June 30th North York
St. James Armenian Church Memorial Scholarships Students who are affiliated with St. James Armenian Church can qualify for this scholarship. $2000 April 1st Watertown
Union of Marash Armenian Scholarships Descendant of a Marashtsi - Armenia are eligible to receive up to $1000 in scholarships. $1000 July 31st Great Neck
UC Berkeley Armenian Alumni Association Scholarship Students of Armenian descent attending a graduate program at UC Berkeley full time are eligible for this scholarship. Varies October 1st Berkeley