Scholarship Experts Review

What is Scholarship Experts?

Scholarship Experts is a free service which helps students search for scholarships.  Essentially, they connect students with colleges that offer scholarships.  According to their About Us page, it was started by experienced education professionals, which can be a plus for students.

Award Size

Our indepdendent researchers have estimated that they offer millions of scholarships for the amount of $10 - $15 Billion.  However, the amount can significantly vary due to the current economic conditions.

Scholarships Type

They offer a wide variety of scholarships including Women, Minorities, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Athletic, Engineering, Business, Medicine, Nursing and other subjects.  They offer both freshman and renewable scholarships.

Application Process

Their application process requires a student or parent of a student to fill out a detailed application, some of which may require submission of personal information as well.  Once the application is filled, student is matched with colleges offering scholarships for their subject of interest. 

Application Deadline

The application deadline for each individual scholarship varies.  However, if the student is eligible, he can use the information submitted in the application to apply for these schoalrships at any time.

Selection Criteria

Award decisions are made by individual colleges based on several factor including academic performance, financial need, major, community service / volunteer work, participation in extra curicular activities, personal essay and letter of recommendations.  Selection criteria varies for each scholarship and the college offering it. 

Other Services

They also offer a college search and student loan matching program.

Our Review

We think that overall it is a good service.  However, students shall proceed with caution while submitting their personal information.  Students also shall be open to receive calls from participating colleges.  But students should be beware of any marketing tactics of private for profit schools.  Students should carefully evaluate their career options, review programs offered by each college and research how their graduates are doing in their professional lives.  Employbility shall be their number one concern while accepting a scholarships.  The website is user friendly.  The biggest pro is that they have plenty of scholarships.  The biggest con is that they require a lot of personal information start matching you and application process can be time consuming at times.

Disclaimer:  This review is based on our research of the above said business.  We have no affiliation with them and have not used the business for our needs.  Students shall independently research the business including with their local BBB agency to assure that their personal infomation will not be compromised in anyway.  We shall not be held liable for any adverse outcome.