California 529 Plan

529 College Savings Plan for California Residents

The State of Califonia has the largest number of colleges in the country and they offer two 529 plans to prepare its residents for college.

These plans provides atax-advantaged way to save for a child's college education.

Plan Benefits

Arkansas 529 Plan

The GIFT College Investing Plan

Arkansas Scholarships

Scholarships & Grants for Arkansas Students

The home state of former President Bill Clinton, Akransas has a variety of state and private scholarships for students with various backgrounds.

Arizona Scholarships

Scholarships and Grants for Arizona Students

Arizona 529 Plan

Arizona Family College Savings Program

The Arizona Family College Savings Program also known as Arizona 529 Plan is a plan sponsored by the state of Arizona.

Korean American Scholarship

College Scholarships for Korean Americans

If you are or Korean decent then you could be eligible for a scholarhips exclusively for Korean American students. This scholarship is issued by The Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF). It is a non-profit, volunteer-managed organization established to help meet the financial needs of Korean-American students seeking higher education. Every year they make more than $3 million in college funds available to more than 3000 students nationwide.

Scholarships Issued by Korean Americans

Chair Scholarships Chair Scholarships are established through a one-time donation of $20,000 or more by individuals and corporations for a lifetime scholarship. A donor can request a specific academic major or a school for the scholarship. A permanent annual $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a qualified student.

Alaska Scholarships

Scholarships for Alaska Students

Alabama Scholarships

Scholarships for Alabama Students

Scholarsips for White Students

White Student Scholarships - How to get it?

Scholarships for Women

Woman Scholarships

Even though USA is an equal opportunity society and women have equal rights, unfortunately they were always discriminated when it came to career and education. They were expected to stay at home and raise children. But things are changing slowly. Take example first we had Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate and now Sarah Palin is running for the VP position.  Today, not only colleges and universities but also a lot of employers and professional organizations are giving away scholarships for women. As a matter of fact, for almost all of the scholarships discussed in other categories women are qualified. You must check all the scholarships discussed in those sections based on yoru interest. Even with all the great scholarships discussed in other sections, below are some highly recognized scholarships for women. If you are a receipient of one of these scholarships, your value in the employment market will also go higher.

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