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Indiana 529 Plan

Saving for College in Indiana

Indiana has two college saving plans which can help families save for college.

CollegeChoice 529 Investment Plan - Advisor Sold

Illinois 529 Plan

Illinois College Savings Plan

The state of Illinois offers three different college savings plans.

1. Bright Directions College Savings Program ( aka Bright Directions Illinois 529 )

2. Bright Start College Savings

3. College Illinois

Bright Directions College Savings Program

The Bright Directions College Savings Program is an invesment advisor driven plan which offers 35 investment options from leading investment banks and bond managers.

Idaho 529 Plan

IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program

“IDeal” is an Idhao state sponsored, college savings plan that helps families save for college.

Who Manages IDeal

Hawaii 529 Plan

HI529 College Saving Plan

Georgia 529 plan

Path2College 529 Plan

Washington DC 529 Plan

DC College Savings Plan

Flordia 529 Plan

Saving for College in Florida

Delaware 529 Plan

Delaware College Investment Plan

Connecticut 529 Plan

Connecticut Higher Education Trust Program (CHET)

Colorado 529 Plan

College Saving Plans for Colorado Residents

The State of Colorado offers a variety of College Saving Plans. Below is a discusson of them.

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