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How to Tutor?

How to Become a Tutor

Great tutors can build great leaders of tomorrow.  Alexander the Great once said that his father brought him to this world and and his teachers taught him how to live in this world.  He had three great tutors: Leonidas of Epirus, Lysimachus of Acarnania and the great greek philosopher Aristole. A student without a great tutor is like a kayak without a great paddler.  If you have expertise in a subject you can become a tutor and make a difference in a student's life. 

Steps to Tutorship

  1. You must have an expertise in a subject.  For example, if you are a student who is taking advanced calculus you can be a great math tutor to students who are taking Algebra, Pre-Calculus or first quarter calculus. 
  2. Your expertise must be recognized.  It can be an official transcript, a diploma or degree, an exam you passed or work related experience.
  3. You should know tutoring laws in your area if you are planning to tutor minors.  For example, in most of the state in US you will need parental consent to tutor a minor.
  4. You should understand the syllabus of the subject you are going to teach.
  5. You should have good communication and presentation skills so that you can present lessons and solutions to your students effectively.

How to Find Students

There are several ways to to find students to tutor.

  1. Tutoring Websites - There are several websites which offer remote tutoring services to students.  You can sign up with one or many of the tutoring services websites and offer your services.  These websites will present you as one of their tutor and take a cut out of your tutoring fees.  Usually the tutoring fee charged to students is determined by the website.  The biggest benefit of going through these websites is that you can access students in other cities without traveling anywhere.
  2. Tutoring Centers - There are several tutoring centers which hire tutors to teach their students.  Just like tutoring websites tutoring centers find a group of students for you to tutor.  You are hired at either an hourly wage or given a certain amount of money per student.  This also includes non-profit tutoring centers.
  3. University and College Tutoring Centers - Student tutors can tutor in their university and college tutoring center.  It is an hourly part time job for students which they can take during their school schedule. 
  4. Independent Tutoring - Independent tutoring is when you take things in your hand and decide to find your own students, set your own rates and times.  You find students by advertising through free classifieds, community centers, neighborhood grocery schools and nearby colleges and universities.  Another great way to find students is through your personal network.  Tell the parents you know that you are in a tutoring business and if their child needs help you are available for help.

Safety Tips for Tutors

  1. Use common sense when tutoring.  If you are an in-home tutor who will go to a student's house to tutor then you should make sure that it is in a safe area and you know where you are going.
  2. If you have minor tutors coming to you, make sure you are tutoring them in a well lit and open space.
  3. Do not engage in an intimate relationship with your student.
  4. Stay competitive and set your price right.  Charging too much will get you almost no students and charging very little put your credibility on risk as people may feel that something is wrong with you and that is why you are charging so low.