Hindu Scholarships

Scholarships for Hindu Students

Hindus are one of the fastest growing population in the United States and Canada. While most of the Hindus are from India, there is also a large influx from Fiji, Africa, and West Indies. A majority of Hindus are employed in highly professional occupations such as Software Engineering, Banking, Health Care etc. To promote education several Hindu and South Asian organizations have stepped up to sponsor scholarships for Hindus.

Association of Asian Indian Women of Ohio

AAIWO grants scholarships to Hindu women are interested in learning new skills. Women who are immigrants or face domestic abuse can qualify for this scholarships.

Financial Aid for Hindu Students Studying Medicine

Hindu students who are attending a medical school in PA and are residents of PA qualify for a $2000 grant sponsored by Drs. Jitendra M. and Saryu J. Desai.

Seed Scholarship

Sponsored by the Seed Foundation, Hindus planning to attend an undergraduate program at a US school and have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. Student must be academical strong.

Scholarships for Hindu Students Studying Journalism

Hindu students for South Asian origin can get a scholarship to study Journalism from SAJA. SAJA offers a total of $36000 in scholarships.

Rattan L Khosa Scholarships Awarded by Khosa JG Foundation, this scholarship is for students attending Booth Business School at the University of Chicago. The scholarship targets Hindu Kashmiri Pundits from Kashmir who were displaces after 1990 due to the religion based terrorism. $10000 Varies Oak Brook