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Financial Aid

How to get financial aid

Almost every student can qualify for financial aid.  But recently it has become somewhat competitive due to an increase in the number of students applying for the financial aid.  Below are some tips on how to successfully get the full financial aid.

Applying for FAFSA

Every student must apply for FAFSA by filling out the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid. The first day to fill out the FAFSA paperwork is Jan. 1 and to get full aid a student should submit it as soon as possible. Students should fill out their FAFSA regardless of whether their parents have completed their tax forms or not.  They should not wait till parents complete their tax forms.  Studnets can apply for the financial aid by going to FAFSA website.

Follow Up on Banweb

Almost every college has Banweb and students should frequently check it.  Banweb contains important information regarding financial aid.  With Banweb, students can

    • check whether additional documentation is required to process their aid
    • accept or decline awards
    •  see their financial aid status
    • browse through other financial aid resources.

Monitor Your Mail

Students should keep an eye on their mailboxes to be aware that notifications sent out to them by the financial aid office or the US Department of Edcuation.  Mailed notifications are sent to alert students of outstanding requirements, changes in financial aid status, or the need to accept or decline an award, among other reasons. Students should act on these notifications immediately. A quick action can assure the full financial aid.  If they are using their parents or guardian's address on their application, they should tell them to watch out for such notifications. 

Financial Aid Counselors

Students must stay in touch with their financial aid counselor for proper guidance.  Financial aid counselors may know of several rules which can help students land the financial aid they need to get their education.