Asthma Schoalrships

­Scholarships for Asthma

Asthma, a long-term respiratory condition which results in wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing can make it very difficult for a student to focus on school, while fighting this medical condition and trying to come up with money to pay for tuition and books.  The medical condition may also make it difficult for student to get a job which can pay for his/her college.  But there is no reason to be disappointed as students with Asthma and related allergies can qualify for various scholarships.  


Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Scholarships

AAFA a non-profit organization focused on creating asthma awareness has several scholarships through it chapters. 

Berri Holbert Mitchell College Scholarship

The Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America offers scholarships to students with a history of asthma and allergies, great academic record, and public service n their school and community.

Kareem Bacchus  Memorial Scholarship

The Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, Texas provides 3 - $1500 merit scholarships to three students in need with a history of asthma.

Similarly, Maryland / Greater Washington, D.C. and New England chapters also offer scholarships to Asthma students. 

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Scholarship

AAAAI no longer offers Award of Excellence Asthma Scholarship to students suffering of asthma.  AAAAI stopped offering a scholarship after 2008. We will update if they restart again.

Corporate Scholarships for Asthma

"Will to Win" Asthma Scholarship

Schering-Plough a leading drug maker offers Will to Win scholarship.  There are a total of 10 scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each.  The scholarship is for all high school seniors with asthma, who have achieved a level of excellence in one of the following: performing arts, community service, athletics, and visual arts or science.  Student must have minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and be a US Citizen.

Houston Allergy & Asthma Associates Scholarship

HAAA - an Asthma treatment practice in Houston Texas offers a scholarship to Asthma students. 

Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers Scholarship

The Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers offers four $1,000 scholarships per year to patients. The eligibility requirements include graduating high school seniors and college undergraduates or graduate students who are in good academic standing and have been accepted by or are currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. college. Applicants must have been a patient of CAAC, P.C. for one year minimum, a patient within the last year and a U.S. Citizen.

College Scholarships for Curing Asthma

Now imagine that you are a college student who is not only suffering of Asthma but also would like to cure the disease for good.  You can get a scholarship for that. 

Ohio State University Asthma Scholarship

The Edgar M. Erb Memorial Fund offers scholarships to medical students who wish to participate in the field of research for the treatment of asthma.