Wrestling Scholarships

College Wrestling Scholarships

Wrestling an Olympic sport is a very popular college sport. Several colleges have a wrestling team and scholarships.

NCAA Wrestling Scholarships

NCAA has wrestling scholarships for men and wrestling scholarships for women. Men and women playing for various DIV I and DIV II colleges are eligible for these scholarships. NAIA and NJCAA also has various wrestling scholarships for men and women.

University Wrestling Scholarships

In addition to NCAA, several universities and colleges have private water polo scholarships for men and women players. For example, the Slippery Rock University has David Nowakowski Wrestling Scholarship.

Private Wrestling Scholarships

Several private organizations and clubs have wrestling scholarships for men and women. You should contact your local non-profits and clubs to see if they offer any scholarships. Below are some worth mentioning:

1. John and Ruth Beckman Wrestling Scholarship

2. John and Mary Ann Colloton Wrestling Scholarship

3. Donald W. and Marilyn Heineking Wrestling Scholarship

4. Gary Kurdelmeier Wrestling Scholarship

5. William and Kay Pitlik Wrestling Scholarship

6. John and Dorothy Sill Wrestling Scholarship

7. Iowa Style Wrestling Scholarship Gary

8. WSWCA/Graham Baker Morin Memorial Scholarship

Glen Takahashi Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is for students who have participated in Wrestling and live in San Diego. Varies Varies San Diego