Swimming Scholarships

College Swimming Scholarships

Both swimming and diving are they basic survival skills for a human being. They also happened to be olympic sports and almost every college has a swimming and diving team which competes in collegiate athletics. If you are a good swimmer or a good diver then you may qualify for a swimming scholarship.

NCAA Scholarships for Swimmers and Divers

NCAA has thousands of scholarships for swimmers and divers in all divisions. The only key to an NCAA swimming and diving scholarship is that you need to know what areas scholarships are avaialble in and how to qualify for it. The best way to go about is by contacting the institution you are interested in.

College Scholarships for Swimmers

Several colleges and universities have private swimming college scholarships. For example, Slippery Rock University has Alan D. Reynolds Memorial Swimming Scholarship. Similarly Indiana Unversity of Pennsylvania has John A. Pidgeon Endowed Swimming Scholarship

Private Scholarships for Swimmers

Several private swimming clubs offer swimming scholarships. You should check with your local swimming clubs to see if they offer any scholarships.

Tips On Getting a Swimming Scholarship

1. Start early

2. Compete Fierecely in and outside the pool. Create a buzz about yourself through local media.

3. Keep good greades

4. Work with college swimming coaches to make sure you have a position in their team so that you can qualify for a scholarship.