Soccer Scholarships

College Soccer Scholarship

Soccer may not be as popular in the US as it is in Europe and South America, but it is an NCAA approved sport and almost every college and university has Men's Soccer Scholarships and Women's Soccer Scholarships. In addition to that that several Universities, Soccer Associations and Private Foundations have soccer scholarships.

University Scholarships in Soccer

Below is the list of some of the soccer associations and private foundations who offer various soccer scholarships. You should also check with your local schools and soccer clubs to see if they have any scholarships.

1. Wyoming State Soccer Association Scholarship Fund

2. West Islip Soccer Club

3. Bay Area Soccer Association - Scholarship

4. The Warrior Soccer Club Scholarship

5. Houston Women's Soccer Association (HWSA) Scholarship

6. Canton Soccer Club Scholarship

7. Mississippi Soccer Association Scholarship

8. Morris County Youth Soccer Association Scholarship

Women's Soccer Scholarships

Women's soccer is one of the fastest growing sports.  We have scholarship opportunities through TITLE IX.  Most of the women who have played soccer in high school may easily obtain a scholarship to play soccer at the university level.

How to increase your odds to get a soccer scholarship

The first thing which matters is what club and/or high school team you play with.  You must join the best.  You must also be involved with the Olympic Development Program (ODP).  If you end up participating in tryout you are likely to get a scholarship easily.