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Scholarships by Subject

Scholarships by Major

One of the things we all as students have to do at some point is declare our major.  Most of the students declare their major in the third year but some may know right out of high school that what their major is going to be.  It is a good idea for college freshmen or high school students to determine what subject they would like to pursue their degree in.  This way they can be eligible for various scholarships in that subject area.  For example, a student majoring in Computer Science may be able to get a computer science scholarship from companies such as Microsoft in their first year.  Similarly, a student majoring in Nursing may be able to land a Nursing Scholarship from Proctor & Gamble.  Selecting a major can also help students earn college scholarships from those department.  For example, Electrical Engineering department at University of Washignton gives various EE Scholarships to students interested in studying EE.

Graduate students can also qualify for scholarships from various departments.