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Scholarships for Christians

Christian Scholarships for Students

Do you go to Church regularly?  Are you actively involved in your Church community?  Then you may qualify for a Christian Scholarship to get your college education. 

World Council of Churches Scholarship

The WCC scholarships program is a global scholarship progrram by helping the placement of students in countries other than their own. Theological and non-theological scholarships, including group training scholarships, are intended to provide an opportunity for ecumenical learning through exposure to other cultures and faith traditions, in addition to appropriate study which combines academic study and practical experience. This project requires churches or ecumenical organizations to assess the needs for new knowledge and skills to improve their work, and only then to identify the individual or group who they will nominate for a scholarship. The nominating body contracts to use the student in an identified role on his/her return; the student contracts to use what he/she has learned in that role.  Students can learn about the scholarship procedure by going to the WCC website.

Mustard Seed Foundation Scholarships

The Mustard Seed Foundation offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for Christians seeking advanced degrees in the United States and around the world. They believe that providing scholarships to individuals, who are furthering their formal education to become better ministers within the local church and society, helps enable the Church to reach the whole world with the whole gospel.

Robert Walker Scholarship Fund

Robert Walker, Founder of Christian Life Missions established the Robert Walker Scholarship Fund to help young Christians whom God has called into Christian journalism with their college education. According to Steve Strang, President & Chairman of Christian Life Missions and Chief Executive Officer of Strang Communications "[the scholarship fund] helps young people who are devoting their lives to proclaiming the Gospel through the printed word, which is the legacy that Robert Walker leaves."

Alexander Christian Foundation Scholarships
This foundation awards scholarships to Indiana Christians who want to prepare at a Bible college for some type of specialized Christian service.  The objectives of these scholarships are:

  • Recognize as “Outstanding Christian Students” those high school Juniors nominated by their home church at the annual awards banquet to encourage them in their Christian service.
  • Award graduate scholarships to encourage ministers toward higher education.
  •  Work closely with the Bible colleges, churches, and Christian benefactors to establish special scholarships to be presented to those who meet the designs of those scholarships.
  • Send displays to churches, missions committees, Bible schools and other interested groups to educate and inform the church leadership, parents and students of the opportunity available through the Alexander Christian Foundation ministry.
  • Offer a summer internship to  an  ACF  recipient periodically.
  • Have annual golf tournament in the spring to raise monies for scholarships

Christians in Recovery Scholarship

Several scholarships are awarded to Christians who are experiencing hardship due to health or economic circumstances.

United Church of Christ Scholarship

Scholarships made available through the national ministries of the United Church of Christ for those preparing for ministry. To qualify for a United Church of Christ Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria unless otherwise stated:

  • Membership in a UCC congregation for at least one year prior to receiving a scholarship;
  • Enrollment in an ATS accredited seminary towards a course of study leading to ordained ministry;
  • In-care of an Association or Conference at time of application;
  • At least a "B" average maintained;
  • Agrees to serve in the UCC or a partner church on completion of seminary;
  • Demonstrates leadership ability through participation in local church, Association, Conference, or academic environment.
Liberty University Cheerleading Scholarship Liberty University offers partial tuition cheerleading scholarships based upon collegiate experience, cheerleading skill, and team need to the cheerleaders of Liberty Flames teams. Varies March 25th Fort Bragg