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SAT Test Taking Tips

How to Score High in SAT

High SAT scores mean an admission into your dream college.  However, taking an entrance exam such as SAT can be very intimidating. But really there is nothing to be intimidated about. While it requires you to know the subjects, it is also an art. Below are some of the tips on mastering the art of test taking.

Taking Test Efficiently

The best way to take your test efficiently by attempting practice tests and simulations. You should simulate the actual testing environment by not taking any phone calls, breaks, meals etc. Below is a list of some recommended books to take these mock tests. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Identify Difficulty Level

To finish your test on time, you need to understand what sections are difficult and what are easier to do. During your mock up tests you should be able to learn about the difficult spots. You should utilize this information during the actual test and attempt easier questions first. If you are stuck on a question, do not waste your time. Instead move on to other questions and if time permits then come back to the difficult question.

Read the Directions and Questions Carefully

You should read directions and questions carefully so that you don't end up wasting time re-reading or resolving the problem.

Do Not Guess

If you do not know the answer to a question you should skip the question. A wrong guess will cost you as SAT has negative marking and you will be penalized for the wrong answers. With the practice tests you should be able to recognize the tricky wrong choices and be able to eliminate them. However, you should still avoid guessing. This applies only to the multiple choice questions. You should attempt the problem solving question as long as it doesn't take time away other questions.