Rowing Scholarships

Scholarships for Rowing

Rowing an olympic sport is very popular among colleges and sports who are near rivers and lakes. For example, Seattle area has several rowing clubs and several schools and colleges have rowing teams with University of Washington being most famous for producing several well known olympians. NCAA has also recognized rowing as a sport and allows colleges to issue rowing scholarships. In addition to that several private organizations and rowing clubs offer a college rowing scholarship. You should check with a local rowing club to learn more about a rowing scholarship. For example, Hampton Roads Rowing Club in Virginia offers a rowing scholarship. Similarly several colleges and universities have rowing scholarships. Some of the well known university scholarships are:

1. University of Cincinnati

2. University of Iowa

3. University of Kansas

4. University of North Carolina

5. University of Tennessee

Several colleges give out special rowing scholarships to the female athletes.

You should also check with the college or university you are interested in attending for a rowing scholarship.