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Native American and Alaska Native Fellowships

Fellowships & Scholarships for American Indians and Alaska Natives

AIGC administers seveal scholarships and grants:

Elizabeth Furbur Fellowship:  This graduate fellowship is for women studying the creative fine arts, visual works, crafts, music, performing, dance, literacy, creative writing and poetry.

Dr. George Blue Spruce Fellowship:  Crated by Dr. Blue Spruce this fellowship is a step toward increasing the very low number of American Indian dentists.

Gerald Peet Fellowship:  This fellowship is designed for medical students or health-related students such as nursing.

Grace Wall Barreda Memorial Fellowship:  This graduate fellowship is created for students seeking advanced degrees in environmental studies or public health.

Jeanette Elmer Scholarship—Graduate Fellowship:  This fellowship fund is designated to provide scholarships to students who have completed their bachelor’s degree and are enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program at an accredited institution and who are members of Wisconsin, New Mexico or Arizona tribes.

Katrin Lamon Fund:  This fellship is for Native American graduate students majoring in literature, journalism and communications or a related field.

Ruth Muskrat Bronson Scholarship Fund:  This scholarship is for students in nursing or health-related fields if the nursing pool is non-existent. 

How to Apply?
To apply for any of the financial aid above please go to the AIGC website.