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Martial Arts Scholarships

Scholarships for Martial Arts

Various forms of Martial arts are played in summer olympic games. Martial arts are being taught in almost every small and big town across the United States of America. Yet, it is not a recognized sport by NCAA when it comes down to a college scholarship. Very few colleges have martial arts teams. Yet, students who are interested in playing martial arts while attending a college should not be disheartened. They can join several college martial arts clubs and other local clubs. They can also get a martial arts scholarship from a private foundation.

List of Martial Arts Scholarships:

H. U. Lee Scholarship Foundation

Offered by American Taekwondo Association, H. U. Lee Scholarship Foundation gives out scholarships to students who have done well academically and play Taekwondo. Students are required to have a minimum GPA for 3.0, SAT scores of 1100 and write an essay to apply for the scholarship.

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Karate Scholarships

AAU offers one scholarship each to a male and a female student who plays Karate and is interested in attending a college or university. The award varies every year depending on the available funds.

Kick 4 College Karate Scholarships

Kick 4 College Scholarships, Inc offers full college scholarships to the top 3 overall ranked competitors in all of the girls and boys, 14 years & older Advanced Belt sparring divisions.

U.S. Judo Federation Scholarships

USJF offers two need based scholarships to students who play judo and are interested in attending a college. Keiko Fukuda Scholarship and GEORGE C. BALCH Education Scholarship. Students can learn more about these opportunities by going to the individual scholarship sites.

USA Judo Life Membership Scholarship Program

The USA Judo Life Member Scholarship Grants are intended to help defray athlete’s tuition and education costs, and in so doing, encourage athletes to further their formal education in preparation for a career alongside their athletic endeavors. The Life Member Scholarship Grants may be secondary to other financial assistance for which an athlete may be eligible or may receive.
Life Member Scholarship Grants are awarded in amounts up to $2,000 per semester and are for tuition, mandatory fees, books, room and board, and required transportation (excluding car payments).

Top College Martial Arts Scholarships

There are only a handful of Martial arts scholarships offered by individual colleges without any support from NCAA. Some of them worth mentioning are Texas A&M University Judo Scholarship, Swain Scholarship for Judo at San Jose State University and Karate Club Scholarship at University of Calfornia - Riverside.

Top Private Martial Arts Scholarships

Several private clubs offer martial arts scholarships for students who play at those clubs. You should check with your club or a club in your town to see if they offer a martial arts scholarship. Some examples of the private scholarships are:

1. USA Freestyle Martial Arts Scholarship by The San Diego Foundation

2. Willington Karate Club scholarship in Connecticut

3. Vero Beach Karate Association Scholarships

4. Superior Martial Arts Project Action High Risk Youth Scholarship in Gladstone, Michigan