Interracial Scholarships

Mixed Race Scholarships

One of the beauties of the American society is that it is a multiracial and multicultural society. This mixture of races and cultures has given American another name "The Melting Pot". To a great extent, it is becoming true. More and more races are mixing with each other. If you look around at American universities, more and more students are interracial. You will see students who are half white half Asian, half white half black, half black half asian, and half native american or hispanic mixed with another race. It makes a student wonder about what scholarships they should apply for and if they qualify for any scholarship at all. While there are no scholarships designated for students of interracial origin, the good news is that they qualify for almost all scholarships of a race they are part of. For example, if they are part African American, they can qualify for a UNCF scholarship, and if they are part Hispanic they can qualify for a Hispanic scholarship and if they are part Asian they can qualify for an asian scholarship.

How to qualify for a Mixed Race Scholarship

  • Learn about your family tree and identify various races in your mix.
  • Learn about various scholarship opprtunities for those races.
  • Apply for all scholarships you may feel that you qualify for.
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