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Internship Interview Tips

Ace an Interview and Kickoff the Career of Your Dreams

1. Be on time. Pre-plan your travel. Aim to be early.

2. Be Prepared. Learn about the company through their website and anyone else you know.

3. Write down and practice possible questions. See if a friend is willing to help you with a mock interview.

4. If asked about your weaknesses tell them honestly. Your honesty will be appreciated by the interviewer and you might get some good advice on how to work on your weaknesses.

5. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Smile and Dress Professionally. Give them a reason to hire you. Don't be nervous.

6. Be honest. Do not bluff. If you land a position by bluffing, most likely you will lose the job after a while.

7. Talk about you academic and social achievements. Interviewers like to know how you felt about a particular success or failure and what lessons did you learn.

 8. Talk to the point. Do not waste interviewer's time. Give interviewers ask an opportunity to ask you the questions.

9. Take a copy of your resume / cv and any works you may want to show to the interviewer.

10. Be enthusiastic and positive. Don't criticize previous employers, particularly within the industry. Focus on positive achievements and views.

11. And finally, Don't give up. If you don't land this internship, does not mean it is end of the world. You will have plenty of opportunities.