Football Scholarships

Football Scholarship

Football is one of the highly commercialized sport in the USA. College Football is a big source of revenue for colleges and universities. Most of the College Football players turn Professional after graduating earning millions of dollars. Therefore the sport is very popular and there is an abundance of College Football Scholarships which are highly competitive.

College Football Scholarships

NCAA has a hundreds of DIV I and DIV II college football scholarships. Almost every DIV I and DIV II institute has a college football team. Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, and the University of Pennsylvania have their own scholarships as well. NAIA also has college football scholarships and some of the junior colleges may also have scholarshps for footbal. If you want an easier scholarship then you should go for a DIV III NCAA team because they have trouble attracting good players and are willing to give out more scholarships.

Tips on Getting A Football Scholarship

In addition to the general tips such play well and have good grades here are some additional tips on scoring a Football Scholarship:

  • Get as much media coverage as possible. Work with local TV stations, radios and newspapers. They are always looking for stories. For example, you can volunteer somewhere and get coverage. Great Football Player + High GPA + Volunteer? Wouldnt' that make you a great candidate for a scholarship?
  • Talk to football players who already are attending the schools you are interested in. They can give you tips on how to score a scholarship with that institute.
  • Alfred State College Athletic Talent Grants These grants provide assistance to academically outstanding athletes on a very competitive basis. List of Grants offered: 1) Basketball (Men's) Talent Grant 2) Basketball (Women's) Talent Grant 3) Football Talent Grant 4) Lacrosse (Men's) Talent Grant Varies Varies