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Flordia 529 Plan

Saving for College in Florida

The State of Florida offers two tax-free 529 saving plans for college. The Prepaid Plan and The College Investment plan. Both plans offer a wide variety of investment options with a great flexibility.

Florida Prepaid College Plan

The Florida Prepaid College Plan allows parents to prepay the cost of college. This plan is risk free and it is not effected by stock market fluctuations. The plan is guaranteed by the State of Florida. It offers three different tuition plans, a local fee plan, a tuition differential fee plan and a dormitory plan. You can use the plan at any of Florida's 11 state universities or 28 community colleges, most private colleges in Florida, select technical schools and most out-of-state colleges.

List of Plans

1. The Four-Year University
2. The 2 + 2 Tuition Plan
3. The Two-Year Community College Tuition Plan
4. Local Fee Plans
5. The 2 + 2 Local Fee Plan
5. The Two-Year Community College Local Fee Plan
6. Tuition Differential Fee Plan
7. Dormitory Plans

Tax Benefits of Florida Prepaid College Plan

All qualified withdrawls are exempt from federal income tax and from State of Florida taxes. If it is a gift, that is tax exempt too.

How to Enroll

You can learn more and enroll in this plan by going to the plan website.

The Florida College Investment Plan

The Florida College Investment Plan is an affordable, no-fee, tax-free college saving plan with a wide range of investment options. The plan helps you save for tuition, fees and housing, and for other college expenses not covered by the Florida Prepaid College Plan including books, graduate school and out of state schools. The account can be opened with one-time contribution of $250 or by starting a monthly automatic withdrawal with a minimum of $25.

How to Enroll

You can learn more and enroll in this plan by going to the plan website.