Equestrian Scholarships


Horse riding is an emerging sport. It is called Equestrian, a NCAA recognized sport. There are a plenty of Division I and Division II scholarships available for both men and women who can ride horses competitively. The best way to get an Equestrian Scholarship is by joining a local club and compete. As the recipient of an Equestrian Scholarship you may get up to $3000 per year towards your college tuition. Almost all major schools and colleges have an Equestrian program and a scholarship to encourage student.


While not all community or junior colleges are big enough to support equestrian as a sport and qualify for NJCAA scholarships, some of the junior colleges in the Rodeo states are willing to offer financial aid to students who are great horse riders.


If you are flexible about moving to Canada for education then you may be in cluck for an NAIA equestrian scholarships at one of the Canadian colleges. Certain smaller schools in the US might be open to offering a scholarship too.

To learn more about the sports and competitions you can visit United States Equestrian Federation

Other Notable Equestrian Scholarships

  • “Dubble E” Turner Memorial Scholarship
  • 4-H Horse Program Scholarship
  • A.C. Asbury, D.V.M. Equine Scholarship Fund
  • A.J. Bierschwale Memorial Scholarship
  • Agribusiness-Forestry Scholarship Program
  • Agricultural Women’s Club Scholarship
  • Andrea Walnes Memorial Scholarship
  • ANRS & Rodeo Exes Association Academic Scholarship
  • Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation Scholarship
  • Bayer Animal Health Scholarship
  • Beverly M. Thayer Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Fund
  • Block & Bridle Scholarship
  • Brenda Brown Endowed Scholarship
  • Bundy Equestrian Scholarship
  • Charlie & Bea Boyles Equine Science Scholarship
  • Cliff Murray & Floyd Fuller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Colorado Horseman’s Council & Horse Expo Scholarship Fund
  • Craig E. Arnett Memorial Equestrian Scholarship
  • Dr. Alan Tucker Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Arden N. Huff Endowed Equine Scholarship
  • Dr. Dean Pavillard Scholarship
  • Dr. Jocelyn Rodgers Scholarship for Equine Studies
  • Dr. Joseph J. Hird Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Olive K. Britt Equine Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert G. Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship
  • Eddie G. Cole Memorial Scholarship
  • Elbridge & Jan Moxley Award for Excellence in Equine Medicine
  • Equestrian Science Award
  • Equine Science Achievement Scholarship
  • Erin Corcoran Memorial Scholarship
  • Fountain H. May, Sr. Scholarship-Fellowship Fund
  • France Stone Scholarship
  • Frank & Amy Finch Memorial Scholarship
  • FTBA (Florida Thoroughbred Breeders Association) Scholarship
  • G. Bill Atchison Memorial Scholarship
  • Gerald J. Shiner, DVM Memorial Scholarship
  • H.H. Hassler Memorial Equine Scholarship
  • Hal’s Hope Equine Studies Scholarship
  • Hugh L. Oakley Honorary Scholarship
  • J.L. Voss & A.O. McKinnon Equine Reproduction Research Scholarship
  • James L. Child, Jr. Scholarship
  • Jill Marie Stice Memorial Scholarship
  • Joe Timmerman Memorial Scholarship
  • Michael B. & Sara F. Dolmayer ’54 Western Equestrian Scholarship
  • Michigan Horse Council Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
  • National Resource Management Scholarship
  • NSDAR Centennial Scholarship
  • Purina Mills-Land O’Lakes Purnia Feed Dealer Scholarship
  • Ranch-Way Feed Mills Scholarship
  • Ray T. Walker Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert P. “Robo” Cross Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert T. Bradley Memorial Award
  • Robert W. Brennan Scholarship
  • Rowena Odell Scholarship
  • Sagebrush Circuit-Lew & Jo Eklund Educational Scholarship
  • San Antonio Livestock & Rodeo Endowed Scholarship
  • SIU American Saddlebred Scholarship
  • SIU Arabian Horse Scholarship
  • SIU Morgan Horse Scholarship
  • SIU Quarter Horse Scholarship
  • Smedley Scholarship Trust Fund
  • SUI Quarter Horse Scholarship (B)
  • Theisen’s Supply, Inc. Scholarship
  • Theresa & Bernie Wonderschmitt Saddle Seat Scholarship-Workship
  • Tony Gasser Memorial Scholarships
  • University of Findlay Scholarships
  • Vermont Farm Bureau Marjorie L. Chesney Memorial Scholarship
  • Vermont Feed Dealers & Manufacturers Association Scholarship
  • Vet-Start Scholarship
  • Wayne & Nancy McIlwraith Orthopaedic Scholarship
  • Wedgworth Graduate Fellowship
  • West of the Pecos Cattlewomen’s Scholarship
  • Westernaires Equine Studies Scholarship
  • Will Shriver Memorial Scholarship
  • IEF Scholarship The IEF scholarship is open to both Intercollegiate Horse Show (IHSA) members and non-members. The selection process is different depending on their membership status. However, grades and recommendation letters matter. Varies Feb 15th Greenwich
    The Jon Conyers Memorial Scholarship Managed by Intercollegiate Equestrian Foundation, this award was established to honor an extraordinary teacher, judge and coach and is available annually to an undergraduate competing member of the IHSA. It is a need based scholarship for students who are passionate about horses. $1500 Feb 24th
    IHSA Senior Athletic Academic Achievement Award IHSA offers two scholarships to Seniors who have been long-time members of their IHSA team. The student must have a 3.5 grade point average or better. $500 March 23rd South Hadley
    IHSA National All-Academic Award The IHSA National All-Academic Award recognizes the individual academic achievements of the undergraduate and alumni members each year. Varies April 1st Baltimore
    IHSA EQUUS Scholar This unique scholarship allows the winner of the written test competition at the National Horse Show get a free laptop along with the trophy. Students should learn about the scholarship opportunity at the IHSA website. Varies Varies
    Baylor University Equestrian Scholarship Funded by Ken and Celia Carlile's generous donation, this scholarship empowers Baylor students who are not only academically strong but also are great horse riders. Varies Varies Waco
    Brown University Post Graduate Equestrian Scholarship Brown University offers equestrian scholarships to post graduate students whoa re great riders. Varies Varies Providence
    Black Hawk College Equestrian Scholarship The Black Hawk College in Moline, IL has one of the finest Equestrian teams. The Equine Endowed Scholarship Fund enables horse riding student athletes fulfill their college dream and compete at a national level. Varies Varies Moline
    American Quarter Horse Foundation General Scholarships The general scholarships include scholarship opportunities for students to complete either their undergraduate or graduate level degree. Students may enroll in a college degree plan of their choice and achieve the personal advancement needed to enter their desired professional employment field. Varies Varies Amarillo
    AQHA Racing Scholarships AQHA offers scholarships to students seeking a career in the racing industry. Preference is given to students at undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level studying racetrack management, veterinary medicine or another related field. Varies Varies Amarillo
    AQHA Career Path Scholarships This scholarships allows students to purse a degree in a career where employment is tied either directly or indirectly to the horse industry. Students can get a scholarship to pursue a degree in animal science, journalism, therapeutic riding and veterinary medicine. Varies Varies Amarillo
    AQHA State Scholarship for Horse Riders This scholarship is for youth leaders who are actively involved through their state's industry may be eligible for scholarships supported by Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Varies Varies
    Indiana Horse Council Scholarship The Indiana Horse Council Foundation, Inc. is an Indiana non-profit corporation offers educational scholarships for youth and adults who are involved in horse racing or horse industry. Varies Varies Indianapolis
    Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarships The AHA offers need based academic scholarships to students who are involved in equine. Varies April 1st Aurora
    American Paint Horse Association Scholarship APHF offers scholarships to students who are horse racers or in related activities. Varies Varies Fort Worth
    Alabama Horse Council Scholarship The Alabama Horse Council Scholarship is awarded to students studying in an Alabama college or university. $1000 December 5th Morris
    Cowboy Tag Scholarships The Cowboy Tag scholarship is given in partnership with the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association with proceeds generated from the sale of the “Cowboy Tag”. $1000 December 2nd Montgomery
    Alabama Equestrian / Rodeo Team Member Scholarship by ACA This scholarship is for students who are horse riders. $1000 Varies Montgomery