Cross Country Runner Scholarships

Scholarships for Cross Country Runners

Long distance running is not everyone's cup of tea and may be that is why not many people even consider cross country running a real sport. However, if you are student with an excellent athletic performance record and a GPA of 3.0 higher you are definitely will see an abundance of scholarships. These scholarships are offered not only by various colleges and universities but also by various government organizations. In order to get a cross country you should start working towards it in your junior year by initiating contact with varsity coaches.

NCAA Scholarships

NCAA the largest source of athletic scholarships, offers more than 16,000 scholarships to cross country runners all over the country. NCAA scholarships are usually very competitive and require a combination of good academic and athletic performance. Student must demonstrate a very strong academic record, be an active and accomplished cross country runner. He must have nominations and letters of recommendations from his coaches and other athletic officials.

NJCAA Scholarships

If you are an excellent cross country runner with a GPA less than 3.0 but higher than 2.0, you can easily get a scholarship from NJCAA at one of the community or junior colleges. It would be a good idea to study harder and raise your GPA to 3.0 or higher so that when you go to a 4 year college you can secure a NCAA scholarship.

NAIA Scholarships

While NCAA and NJCAA are good scholarship options for cross country runners, NAIA is another great option. NAIA offers scholarships to more than 300 colleges and universities in US and Canada. Which means that you can also get a scholarship in a Canadian University or a Canadian 2 year college.

State Scholarships

Most of the states have a cross country scholarship grant for men and women. For example, The Cross Country Club in Texas has a scholarship for students who compete in the cross country events. Delaware has the Open Cross Country Championship scholarship.

College Scholarships

In addition to he NCAA scholarships, some of the institutes also offer scholarships to athletes participating in cross country races. Western Carolina University (WCU) and East Stroudsburg University (ESU) are the two well known schools which offer cross country scholarships.

Delaware Open Cross Country Championship Scholarship Offered by Delaware Department of Education, this is a renewable scholarship offered to the freshman college students. The scholarship can be renewed for the second year as long as the student keeps on participating in the long distance running. $2000 November 1st Dover