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Colorado 529 Plan

College Saving Plans for Colorado Residents

The State of Colorado offers a variety of College Saving Plans. Below is a discusson of them.

Direct Portfolio College Savings Plan

This 529 plan is managed by Upromise Investments and The Vanguard Group. It features age-based and static portfolio options utilizing Vanguard mutual funds. You can link your accounts to Upromise Rewards Service. Please go to to learn more about this plan.

Colorado Prepaid Tuition Fund

Colorado Prepaid Tuition Fund is a 529 plan which allows you to invest almost risk free in a college savings plan. The plan fully covers the cost of tution in any public college in Colorado State. Funds can also be applied towards out of state or private institutions. If your kids don't go to college you can get your money back. All growth is tax free. To learn more about the plan you go to Colorado State University website.

Stable Value Plus College Savings Plan

Issued through The MetLife Insurance Company, this plan is a fixed-income fund. They key benefits of this plan are:

  • No Risk to Principal
  • Minmum Return Assured - Earnings can be greater.

    To learn more about the plan you can go to the plan website at

    Scholars Choice College Savings Plan

    Issued through ClearBridge Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of Legg Mason, the Scholars Choice Plan offers a combination of equity, fixed income and money market options available only through financial advisors. It allows you be agressive with your college money for a higher growth rate.

    To learn more about the plan you can go to the plan website at

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