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Buddhist Scholarships

Scholarships for Buddhist Students

Buddhism is one of the well known religions with its roots in India and a huge presence in China and other Asian countries.  The concept of Good Karma is very prominent among the members of Buddhist community in North America.  This has encouraged them to create various scholarship to promote education in their community.  Below is a discussion of some of the schoalrships:

Buddhist Church - Betsuin Scholarships

San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin Scholarship

The San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin Scholarship is offered to outstanding graduating high school seniors. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of SJ Temple participation, academic achievement, participation in school, community activities and work experience.

Ray and Lucy Matsumoto Scholarship

Ray and Lucy Matsumoto have established a Betsuin Scholarship to honor a graduating senior who is planning on entering school as a business major. This high school senior would reflect the changing challenges that face the high school senior in today's environment. With this scholarship, the Matsumoto's hope to promote the importance of a business education.

James Takeo Hashimoto Memorial Scholarship

The Hashimoto family has established a scholarship to be awarded to a graduating high school senior in memory of the late James Takeo Hashimoto, an active supporter of the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin. The recipient of this award is a Buddhist youth who subscribes to the Bodhisatva ideal and who actively participates in San Jose Bestuin sponsored youth programs.

San Jose Buddhist Church Adult Buddhist Association (ABA) Scholarship

The San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin Adult Buddhist Association, in recognition, of the value of education and especially for the young people of our Sangha, have established this scholarship. The graduating high school senior has attained academic achievements, in addition to their support of Temple and community activities.

Masato and Chieno Kumada Memorial Scholarship

The family of Masato and Chieno Kumada has endowed an annual scholarship in memory of their parents who believed in the importance of education. The family hopes this scholarship will provide some assistance and encouragement to a graduating high school senior in their pursuit of a higher education. The recipient is recognized for their academic achievement and participation in temple activities.

Ben and Kimie Sanematsu Memorial Scholarship

Ben Sanematsu initially endowed this annual college scholarship in memory of his wife, Kimie Yanagawa Sanematsu, a dedicated educator for twenty-five years. An active Betsuin member and successful undergraduate student is awarded this college scholarship. The award has now been changed to honor both Ben and Kimie.

Sadao Sakai Memorial Scholarship

The family of Sadao Sakai established this scholarship to be awarded to either a graduating high school student or a student currently enrolled in college. The recipient must be supportive in their community and active within the Buddhist Church.

To apply for any of the church scholarships you can go online.

Scholarships in Buddhist Studies

Several colleges and univerisities offers schoalrships in Buddhist studies. If you are interested in majoring in Buddhist Studies you shoul contact your school's financial aid office.