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Basketball Scholarships

College Scholarships for Basketball Players

Basketball is very popular support attracting lot of money both as a sport and as an opportunity to earn a scholarship. Nearly 100,000 students attend college on a basketball scholarship. Most of the students start working towards a basketball career in the 8th grade and coaches and scouts start watching them in the 9th grade. Scholarships are issued to both men and women basketball players for the following positions:

  • Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Power Forward
  • Center

    Each division has its own requirements for a player's physique including the height for each position. However, players as short as 5'5" are eligible for a scholarship.

    NCAA Basketball Scholarships

    To encourage students to play basketball and represent their institution, US colleges offer more than 6500 scholarships. While the scholarships are made under NCAA guidelines, individual institutions decide who gets them. In addition to NCAA's DIV I and DIV II colleges, NJCAA offers plenty of scholarships to DIV III and Junior College students. NAIA also offers basketball scholarships to students attending 300 colleges.

  • Alfred State College Athletic Talent Grants These grants provide assistance to academically outstanding athletes on a very competitive basis. List of Grants offered: 1) Basketball (Men's) Talent Grant 2) Basketball (Women's) Talent Grant 3) Football Talent Grant 4) Lacrosse (Men's) Talent Grant Varies Varies
    DLG Scholar Athlete Scholarship The Davis Law Group recognize exceptional senior-class student athletes that are performing well in the classroom and on the field. Between January and April, two high school seniors in the greater Seattle area, are chosen weekly and given a $100 scholarship. A total of 30 scholarship recipients are selected. At the end of the school year, a banquet is held for all of the winners and their families. One male and one female are chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship along with a glass trophy to honor their achievement. $1000 September 1st Seattle
    National Basketball Retired Players Association Scholarship NBRA scholarship provides assistance to the children of former professional basketball players. Varies Varies
    WBCA Broadcasting Scholarship The Robin Roberts/WBCA Broadcasting Scholarship is for a senior female collegiate basketball player who intends to pursue graduate work and a career in sports communication/journalism. The total amount offered is $4500 off which $4000 for the tuition and $500 for the travel to receive the scholarship. $4500 Varies
    Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Scholarship This $1,000 WBCA scholarship award is presented annually to two women's basketball players who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the sport of women's basketball and to academic excellence. The student-athlete must be in their final year of basketball eligibility at a four year institution. $1000 Varies
    Union Power Basketball Camp Scholarship Union Power, along with North Carolina's Touchstone Energy cooperatives, offers an opportunity for young men and women to attend basketball camps. Varies Varies