Badminton Scholarships

Badminton Scholarships

While badminton is an Olympic sport and widely played in the Europe and Asia and other parts of the world, in the US it hasn't received much respect untill recently when NCAA recognized it as an emerging scholarship for women.

NCAA Badminton Scholarship

To get a NCAA badminton scholarship, the best thing to do is to join one of the Intercollegiate Badminton Association clubs and compete in the tournaments. IBA's mission is to promote the sport of badminton and help students get scholarships for playing badminton. NCAA also offers a $7500 scholarship through its NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program.

USA Badminton Association Olympic Scholarships for Badminton

By becoming a part of the USA Badminton you can also qualify for an Olympic Scholarship

International Scholarships for Badminton Players

While US may not have a variety of badminton scholarships, most of the countries in Europe do and you should look into European colleges for badminton scholarships as well.

How to Apply for a Badminton Scholarship

1. Identify the colleges which offer Badminton scholarships.

2. Talk to your local badminton club to see if they can recommend you to some of the institutes.

3. Compete in various national level badminton competitions to be recognized as a qualified player.

4. Actively market yourself to colleges as an upcoming player to get the scholarship money.