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Army Scholarships

Army Scholarships 

Army Scholarships are for college-bound high school student, college students and enlisted officers. These schoalrships can cover

  • Two, three, and four year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree
  • Full-tuition Scholarships
  • Additional allowances pay for books and fees
  • Living Expenses

Enlisted officers can either finish their education while in service or after service.

ACHE / American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships The veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, or Vietnam and their sons, daughters and grandchildren are qualified for this scholarship by Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Varies April 1st Montgomery
Alabama Gi Dependents Educational Benefit Program Funded by Alabama Commission on Higher Education and managed by Alabama State Department of Veterans Affairs, this scholarship is for dependent or spouses of eligible veterans attending a college. Varies Varies Montgomery
AMVETS Scholarship at University of Phoenix The University of Phoenix in a partnership with AMVETS offers a scholarship to fulfill the education dream of those who are currently serving, or who have honorably served, in the U.S. Armed Forces from World War II to the present.  Recipients may choose to take courses at a University of Phoenix campus or University of Phoenix online. $7,000 Nov 11th
ACHE/American Legion Scholarships This is another scholarship by ACHE for the children and grandchildren of World War I, World War II, Korea, or Vietnam. Varies May 1st Montgomery