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Washington 529 Plan

The Guaranteed Education (GET) - 529 Plan for the Washington State The Guaranteed Education Tuition Program is Washington State sponsored 529 prepaid college tuition plan. With GET, you can prepay for your child's college tuition today and can use it at nearly any public or private college in the country. The education is guaranteed.

How Does GET Work? As a GET plan subscriber you can buy units at a price. The number of units correspond to benefits you can get. While the unit price can change every year, the unit ratio will stay the same. Below are some examples of how units work: 1. 1 GET Unit = 1 Text Book 2. 7 GET Units = Books + Stationairy for the semester. 3. 15 GET Units = Tuition at a community college for 1 quarter

Benefits of GET: State guarantee - Your child's college education is guaranteed by the Washington state. If you buy 100 GET units today, you'll have one year of public college tuition when your child is ready for college.

Choice of colleges nationwide - You can use your GET account at nearly any public or private college in the country.

Tax-free savings and withdrawals - The money you put into your GET account will grow tax-free. The withdrawn will be tax-free as long as you use it for qualified higher education expenses.

Flexibility and control - You can use your account for tuition, room and board, books, or other qualified higher education expenses. If for some reason your child decided not to attend a college, or receives a scholarship, you can transfer your account to another family member or requet a refund.

Easy ways to save - You can set up a monthly payment plan or you can contribute at any time you feel is the right time.

Enrollment Requirement -  Either the account owner or student should be a Washington resident at the time of enrollment.

How to Enroll You can enroll by going to GET website.