Teen Parent Scholarships

Financial Aid for Teenage Moms and Dads

While teen pregnancy is on a decline, we still have a very high percentange of teen parents who become a parent below the age of 18.   Yet, they all have education dreams and require additional emotional and financial support to get quality education while raising a child.  Pregnant girls usually face more hardships than anyone else.  In order to support teen parents several organizations have come forward with college scholarships and other forms of help

Denise Davis Scholarship

Denise Davis foundation is created too support teen parents.  This $500 scholarshop is managed by Aurora Public Schools foundation and supports high school students from the Aurora district.  Student must demonstrate a financial need, be a US citizen, planning to attend a vocational or business school after graduating from high school and must be involved in the community work.

Teen Parent Connection Scholarship

Students who are enrolled in the teen parent connection program and are planning to attend a college can qualify for this scholarship.  The deadline for Fall  is June 1st and the deadline for Spring is December 1st of every year. 

Yukon Teen Parent Scholarship

Canadians living in Yukon area can qualify for a $500.00 scholarship.  They must be a grade 12 student from a Ykon high school, accepted into a college and should not have any major scholarships.  Student must demonstrate financial need and excellent academic achievements.

Single Parent Scholarships

Single teen parents can qualify for a number of scholarships for single moms and dads.   These scholarships include:

  • Single Parent Scholarship from Denny's for Hispanic Single Moms
  • Jeannette Rankin Foundation scholarships
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship
  • POWER Scholarships
  • The R.O.S.E. Scholarship

Churches & Non-Profits

Local churches and non-profits may also be willing to help teen parents and pregnant girls with financial help to support their child and pursue their education dreams.

Federal and State Grants

Federal Pell Grant and state education grants can also help teen parents.  Students should speak to a financial aid counselor to see what grants are available to them.   There might be some city level grants available as well.

How to get a teen parent scholarships?

  • Study hard and demonstrate a good academic record.
  • Get involved in community work.
  • Write a stellar scholarship essay - discuss all the hardships you are facing as a teen parent and how scholarship can help you achieve your goals.
  • Obtain recommendation letters.