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What is a Scholarship

A college scholarship is the money available to college students to pursue their education and fulfill their dreams.  Scholarships are sponsored by government and non-government organizations and are made available to students who fit a certain profile such as merit, gender, race or program of study.  Students are not required to return a college scholarship money.  A recent survey states that more than $134 Billion are available in scholarships. Therefore, you should not hesitate from searching and applying for a scholarship. As a matter of fact you can attend any college for free if you know how to look for a scholarship.

How to get a College Scholarship

Every student would like to get a scholarship so that they can get their education for free. The good news is that there are plenty of scholarships available. All you need to know is when and how to apply for.  Things which can help you get a scholarship:

  • Good academic record
  • Involvement in Athletics or Sports
  • Involvement in Extracurricular activities
  • Involvement in Community
  • Being a woman
  • Being a minority such as hispanic, african american, asian, native american, east indian, japenese, korean, pakistani, iranian, russian
  • Great writing skills
  • Great speaking skills
  • Demonstrated Financial Need
  • Great Attitude

What kind of College Scholarships are available

If you can think of type, there is probably a scholarship available.  We have scholarships for women, minorities, subjects, athletes, hispanics, african americans, asian, native americans, east indians, christians, jews, you just name it.   All of the scholarships on our site are generous donations by corporations.

Scholarship Search is Free

We offer free scholarship listing.  This site is absolutely free and does not cost you even a single penny.  All you need is a good internet connection.  You can even browse our scholarships using Apple's iPhone, iPod, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone and Nokia's Android Phones.

Aggregated by a Successful Financial Aid and Scholarship Recipient

The founder of this site is a successful immigrant, who has received his bachelor's degree in engineering and an MBA both by taking finacial aid, grants, scholarships and student loans.  Now he feels that it is his turn to give back to the community by hosting this free site.  He also feels that scholarship listing should be unbiased and available to users on their finger tips.

No Registration or Login is Required

Neither a registration nor a login is required to access any of the scholarships.  Simply browse the scholarships, apply for them at the destination scholarship sites.  You will not be providing any information to us to apply for those scholarships.

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Share Your Experience

We encourage you to share your college life, financial aid and scholarship experience with us.