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Recent Graduate Jobs

Job Search for GraduateĀ­sĀ­

Landing a dream job after graduating is every student's dream.  When the economy is in recession it becomes very difficult to find that dream job.  Below are some tips which recent college graduates can use to find a job:

Write a Great Resume

Your resume is your professional image.  It is also your marketing brochure which talks about your skills and qualifications.  Your resume should be focused and target the industry you are looking for a job in.   You should not put any random data.  You should state any volunteering experience you have. If you are looking for an entry level job and you haven't had an internship before then it is okay to list previous jobs but make sure that they can somehow reflect your ability to preform well in the industry your planning to enter. You should keep your resume simple.  Refrain from you using any fancy designs or artwork.  Do not lie at all on your resume

Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter can help you make your resume stand out.  A cover letter should be addressed to the hiring manager.  In your cover letter, you should state additional qualities and any personal experiences which your resume doesn't reflect.  You should not repeat any information in the resume.  Instead, you should discuss how you got to the point where you are and how the potential employer can benefit from your skills.  The objective of a cover letter should be to make the final sale pitch to the hiring manager. The cover letter should be short and sweet.  It is okay to brag in your cover letter as long as it doesn't sound arrogance.  Use common sense.

Start a Blog

A blog is a good way to demonstrate your industry skills.  For example, if you are looking for a job in software industry then you can start a blog on your favorite programming language and demonstrate your skills by posting sample code of any projects you may have done at school or for fun at home.  Do not post any code from your former employers as it may violate confidentiality and intellectual property rights. You should also post your resume on your blog.  Do not use your blog as a tool to criticize anyone.  You can create a blog for free either on our site or some of the other free sites. 

Use Social Networks to Find a Job

It is probably true that until now you have been social networks to keep in touch with your friends and family.  However, it is true that you can use sites such as Facebook, MySpace and professional networks such as LinkedIn to create your online brand and find a job.  We have some tips on how to leverage social networks to find a job. 

Network in Person

You should attend any networking sessions available to you through college, community or by other means.  While networking you will get to meet several people who are already employed in your industry.  They might have some of the potential job leads for you.

Use Free Job Sites to Post Your Resume

You should post your free resume on sites such as, and  You can also use these sites to search for a job.  If your school has a job site, you should post your resume there as well.

Use Search Engines to Find a Job

Search engines such as Google and Bing can be great tools to find a job.  You should use specific keywords to get better results.  For example if you are a computer science graduate and you are looking for a job in Seattle then you should search for Software Jobs in Seattle.  Similarly, if you are a finance graduate looking for a job on the Wall Street your search should be for Financial Analyst Jobs in New York. 

Develop an Elevator Pitch

You may have heard how startups use elevator pitch to land venture capital.  The same applies to you as a job seeker.  You should develop an elevator pitch about yourself so that if someone asks about you, you can tell them in less than two minutes.

Prepare for an Interview

You should prepare for your interview just the way you prepared for mid-terms and finals in school.  Make sure you can back up your resume by demonstrating your skills in person.

Don't Give Up

Remember, there are thousands of other job seekers who are looking for a job as well.  It may be very well possible that you may be turned down few times because they have found some other candidate to be a better match.  Don't take it personally and don't give up.  Instead, ask the recruiter for feedback so that you know what areas you need to improve in.  This will allow you to improve your skills and better prepare you for your next interview.