Career Tips for College Students

How to start working towards a rewarding job in the Freshman Year

Not many students even think about planning for a job search until their senior year of college. They think that career centers and career fairs are for the seniors or recent graduates. However the reality is that students can start their job hunt as soon as in their first year of college and land a high paying dream job before graduation and start it as soon as they graduate. Below are some tips:

Decide Your Major

You shall decide your major as soon as possible so that you can concentrate all your efforts without wasting any time.

Sign Up with Career Center

You shall sign up with your career center as soon as in your freshman year to get on their mailing list and start seeing a career planning adviser who can guide you on what classes to pick to pursue your dream career.

Prepare a Resume

Sure you may not have a long work history but you can still write a resume which demonstrates your work history, extra curricular activities and other projects. Most of the employers look for college students who have a go getter attitude in addition to the grades they have. A resume is the best way to demonstrate that.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

You shall create a LinkedIn profile. is a free professional networking which allows professionals to connect each other. You will be surprised to find several alumni from your college working in some of your dream companies. This is the best way to connect with them and they will be more than happy to guide you.

Attend Career Seminars & Workshops

Your college may have several career seminars and workshops which are mainly targeting senior year students. But you can always attend those without any additional cost to you.

Manage Social Presence

If you are on Facebook or Myspace make sure that you make those profiles private so that potential employers cannot see them.

Start A Blog

Start a blog to show your passion towards the industry you are in. On this blog you can talk about the projects you have worked on, articles you have seen in magazines and other blogs.

Attend Job Fairs

While most of the students may think that attending job fairs is for Seniors, you can use that as an opportunity to get your resume out and start networking with employers. You can speak to recruiters to learn what do they look for in a candidate so that you can plan your coursework accordingly. Several times they also have real professionals who can share what it is like to work in the industry. It may also help you get a summer internship.

Do Several Internships

While most of the students think that internships shall be done after the third year, the best strategy is to start them during or after the first year. This will give you an opportunity to try various employers and gain some useful experience meanwhile. If you like one particular employer you can always go back there for subsequent internships thus making sure that you have a job offer after the graduation.