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Athletic Scholarships

College Scholarships for Athletics

Athletic scholarships are for student athletes who also have a good GPA. Thousands of students both men and women attend college on Athletic Scholarships by playing various students. Some of the varsity players get paid so well that they it is almost like a salary. Good grades and participation in athletics is a winning combination. There are three governing bodies who govern athletic scholarships.

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  • National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA).
  • National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA).

Popular Varsity Athletics Scholarships

While there are plenty of scholarships, the most popular college scholarships is the NCAA scholarships as it gets more advertising dollars and scholarship money than any other scholarships.

NCAA Undergraduate Athletic Scholarships

NCAA which governs most of the college sports assures that intercollegiate athletics are integrated into higher education. There are three NCAA divisions I, II, or III depending on how many sports they sponsor. NCAA gives out scholarships to only Division I and Division II schools. There are several scholarships which are offered by NCAA. While Division I and II scholarships are very competitive students should contact Division III schools as well. Division II relies on a partial-scholarship model to administer athletics-based financial aid. Most Division II student-athletes finance their education through a combination of scholarship money, grants, student loans and employment earnings. Usually Division III schools have their on sports scholarships.

Post Graduate Athletic Scholarships

If you are aspiring to be athletics administrator, coach, or an athletic trainer by joining a post graduate program then NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Scholarships is for you.


NJCAA which governs sports at most of the junior colleges has several scholarships for the institutions which do not qualify for Division I and Division II status with NCAA. Most of the colleges supported by NJCAA are two year institutions such as Community Colleges. This is a great place for students who are planning to attend a two year college and are seeking an athletic scholarship.

NAIA Scholarships

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics offers full tuition scholarships to students attending colleges in USA and Canada. Student must be attending one of the 300 college to get this scholarship.

Qualifications for an Athletic Scholarship

Athletic scholarships are highly competitive, but the good news is that you can qualify for it too. Below is the criteria to apply for an athletic scholarship:

1. NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA or your local scholarship authority must have a scholarship for the sport you play.

2. You are a student who has performed consistently well in both academics and athletics.

 3. If you are granted a scholarship and admission into the institution, you must be willing to play the sport in inter-collegiate competitions, you are given the scholarship for.

4. You must not be involved in substance abuse and should continue on doing the same to continue your eligibility. You must have good verbal and written communication skills to apply and interview for the scholarship.

5. The Federal Trade Commission has a list of warnings you should carefully consider before paying someone to get you a scholarship.

Applying for an Athletic Scholarship

Applying for an athletic scholarship can be a very time consuming process. Usually students shall start working on getting an athletic scholarship in the junior year of their college. There are several tips on How to Apply for an Athletic Scholarship. When you contact a college coach you should be fully prepared. What college coaches need to know about you?

Freedom Forum‐NCAA Sports‐Journalism Scholarship Program The Freedom Forum NCAA scholarship is offered to full‐time journalism students in their senior year who are also active participants in the collegiate sports. $3000 December 15th Indianapolis
Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship The Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program is separate and distinct from the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program. It provides numerous annual awards with smaller stipends. $24,000 Varies
Jim McKay Scholarship Named after the pioneer sports journalist the Jim McKay Scholarship Program awards $10,000 per year to one male and and one female student-athlete. Student must have a strong interest in journalism. Varies Jan 27th
NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Scholarships The Ethnic Minority and Women's Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics program awards 13 scholarships to ethnic minorities and 13 scholarships to female college graduates entering into a sports administration or other program that will help the applicant obtain a career in intercollegiate athletics, such as athletics administrator, coach, athletic trainer or other career in intercollegiate athletics. $6000 Varies
NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship There are a total of 174 postgraduate scholarships 87 for men and 87 for women awarded by NCAA to senior year student-athletes who excel academically and athletically. $7500 Varies
NCAA Undergraduate Schoalrship NCAA awards $2 billion in athletic scholarships to 145,000 student-athletes studying in Division I and Division II schools. Varies Varies
NCAA Division I Degree Completion Scholarship This scholarship is for student-athletes who have exhausted their financial aid (in five years). Varies September 23rd
NCAA Division II Degree Completion Scholarship The Division II Degree-Completion scholarship is for student-athletes to help them complete their first baccalaureate degree. Varies Varies
NCAA Postgraduate Internship Program The NCAA Postgraduate Internship is a one-year opportunity to get some on-the-job learning experiences in intercollegiate athletics administration. With the with graduate school approval, student can also earn degree credit. $24,000 December 5th
NAIA Scholarships NAIA student-athletes can qualify for full Tuition, Mandatory fees, books and supplies, and Room and board in one of the 300+ participating colleges. Varies Varies
NJCAA Scholarships Full time student-athletes attending a NJCAA can qualify for a grant which offers tuition, fees, room, board, books and course related material, and transportation costs one time per academic year. NJCAA institutes which are mainly community colleges or junior colleges offering 2 year programs can choose to compete on the Division I, II or III level in designated sports. Division I colleges may offer full athletic scholarships, Division II colleges are limited to awarding tuition, fees and books, and Division III institutions may provide no athletically related financial assistance. Varies Varies