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College Grants

What is a College Grant

Grants are money provided by various government and private organizations to students to fund their college education.  Just like scholarships, grants do not need to be paid back.  Grants come in several forms including cash payout, tution reimbursement, work study programs, and paid internships.  Education grants are available to students from all walks of life. 

Difference between Grants and Scholarships

Grants unlike scholarships are not based on merit.  They instead are given based on the financial need and academic objectives of the stduents. 

Similarities between Grants and Scholarships

Just like scholarships, grants are available to students based on the following criteria

  • Minority / Ethnic
  • Women
  • Program
  • Student Profile
  • Subject

Just like scholarships grants are funded by government and private organizations.

Difference between Grants and Loans

Students are required to pay back loans but not grants. 

List of Education Grants

Minority Grants

Minority students usually require more financial help than anyone else due to their socioeconomic status.  Below are some education grants avialble to Minority students:

Woman Grants

Women can always use a little bit extra to support themseleves and their families while pursuing educaiton. Below are some education grants avialble to women: 

Merit Grants

Students with high academic acheivements can qualify for several merit based grants.  Below is a list of some of the grants:

Program Grants

Various industries are competing for talented students to become an integral part of them.  To promote education in related fields, several grants are being offered based on the program student is enrolled in.

Parent Student Grants

Parent student grants are created for parents who are students and need extra help with childcare.  Below is a list of the parent student grants:

Federal Grants 

Federal Government offers several need based and special program grants to students.  Below is the list of few of the grants:

  • Pell Grant - offered via FAFSA also known as the Federal Financial Aid Program

Special Need Grants

Special need grants are designed for students who need extra attention and help.  Below is a list of some of the special need grants.