Whole Foods Data Breach: How Bank Yogi can help you with identity theft protection?


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Whole Foods Markets announced on Thrusday Sept 28, 2017 that their payments information database may have been breached.    What do you need to know?
1. Grocery store checkout systems where a majority of the customers shop are not affected.   
2. Only the cards used at taprooms, full service restaurant and other payment spots onsite are impacted.
3. Even though Whole foods is now owned by Amazon.com their payment systems are separate from each other. 
4. None of the Amazon.com systems were compromised.  
How Bank Yogi can help you with identify theft protection?
1. Your credit card may be eligible for the identify theft protection benefit  .  
2. Through this benefit you may be eligible for the legal and administrative costs that may occur to repair your identity.
3. To get these free benefits you should register your credit card with Bank Yogi Android or iOS Mobile app.
4. Then montior your statements to see any suspicious charges.
5. Also monitor your credit report to make sure that no new accounts are opened.
6. If required file a claim through Bank Yogi mobile app.