Visitor Medical Insurance Card Benefit


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Get all your medical expenses reimbursed when you travel outside the country -  Anyone can fall sick while traveling outside the country.  However not every health insurance plan will provide the coverage while you are traveling to the distance lands.  Buying a visitor's insurance can be very expensive and even then in some cases not all benefits will be offered.  However, your credit card may come to the rescue. 

How Free Medical Expenses Reimbursement Card Benefit Works?

  1. You must fully pay for the travel with an eligible credit card.
  2. The injury or sickness must occur outside the country. 
  3. You must pay for all the medical expenses incurred related to this injury or sickness with the eligible card.
  4. You will be required to provide expense receipts, medical report and other releavant information to file the claim.
  5. This coverage may cover only the amounts that are in access to what your primary insurance has paid.  In some cases it may be limited to only co-pay or deductible.

List of Expenses That May Qualify

  • Emergency Transportation
  • Home Health Care After Arrival
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Hotel Expenses Incurred While Recovering
  • Upgraded Return Ticket for Comfort
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Transportation of Remains in Case of Death
  • Travel of A family Member to Attene the Patient
  • Pet Care

How to File a Medical Expenses Reimbursement Card Benefit Claim?

  1. Register your purchase with Bank Yogi Android or iOS App.
  2. Determine if your credit card has the medical expense reimburse benefit support for your trip.
  3. Express your interest to file a claim.
  4. Bank Yogi App will guide you through the claim process.