Unlock Free iPhone Screen Repair


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  • It is possible to get it fixed for free

  • It is also possible to get it fixed for almost free

  • It is also possible to get it fixed for cheap

  • It can be repaired or replaced on the same day

  • Our research shows that more than 25% percent of iphone users break their iPhone screens. That is equal to almost 20 million iPhone owners in the U.S.A and Canada only. This is despite the fact that getting an iPhone fixed is really easy. The main reason is cost and it can be prohibitive since it can cost almost $200 or more to get an iphone screen repaired. Even with the AppleCare it will cost you money despite paying a hefty premium for the plan itself.

    But wait, before you even think that you cannot afford to get the cracked or shattered iPhone screen repaired there may be some options you can take advantage of. Yes, this doesn't including running to the cheapest repair shop or buying DIY kit on the internet. These options can get your iPhone repaired from an Apple store or an Authorized Apple Repair shop - that too most likely on the same day. We recommend going through Apple because it helps you maintain your product warranty.

    How to have Apple fix your iPhone screen

    If you have fully paid for your iPhone or your are making monthly payments along with your phone bill with a qualified American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit and have damaged your phone within the 90 days of purchase, you are in luck to get it repaired for free without AppleCare. Some credit cards may even allow you to do so for up to 2 years. You can also double your warranty for free. If you have signed up for AppleCare at the time of the purchase, your incident co-pay may also be reimbursable. Now you must be curious that how does it work?

  • Signup with our service to register your iPhone for free.

  • Based on how you paid for your iPhone and your purchase date we will determine if you qualify for the free screen repair.

  • If eligible we will help you with a repair or reimbursement claim.

  • Refurbished devices may or may not be eligible but worth trying.

  • In some cases we may guide you to make a repair upfront and then present the receipt along with your claim

  • Scheduling a repair appointment with Apple is Easy

  • Go to the iPhone Screen Replacement page to understand the cost of a screen repair through Apple. Depdening on the iPhone version and the AppleCare subscription the cost varies from $29 to $279 and you may be eligibe to get it covered for free.

  • Then go to the Apple Support Page to move forward with the repair options.
  • For the same day repair, you can schedule an appointment with a local Apple Store or Authorized Dealer.

  • If you are okay with delay or don't live in an area where an Apple Store or Authorized Dealer is present you can send in for the repair

  • If you choose to take it in for the repair you can click on the Bring in for Repair and sign-in with your Apple id.

  • You will be presented with a list of stores that you can go to.

  • Based on your store selection you can view the available spots and self-schedule it for your repair.

  • While Apple doesn't encourage it, you can also walk into the store and see if they can repair your iPhone on the spot.

  • Before taking your iPhone to the store for repair, please make sure to back it up as most likely you will be getting a replacement device.

  • How to backup your iPhone before repair

  • Connect your iPhone to Wifi.

  • Open Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iPhone under list of devices

  • Tap on iCloud Backup.

  • Out of Warranty Phones

    In some cases, it may not make any financial sense to pay $200+ for an out of warranty phone. In that case you may consider a local phone repair shop or just use it as an opportunity get yourself a new phone. Do not buy a Do it Yourself Kit unless you are highly comfortable with repairing an electronic item.