Tips on 15 Ways to Save on Travel This Year


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How to Save on Travel This year

Money Magazine has listed 10 ways to save on travel this year. These are:

1. Don’t sleep on layovers
2. Minimize currency exchange fees
3. Travel on Wednesday
4. Get alerts on unusual discounts
5. Know the cheapest times to fly
6. Manage your phone bill
7. Talk to the locals and experienced travelers
8. Read museum signs carefully
9. Sign up for travel rewards
10. Skip the hotels

Additional Ways to Save with Bank Yogi

While we love the 10 ways Money magazine has recommended the Bank Yogi team would like to suggest a few of our own:
1. Rental Car Insurance
Skip that car rental policy if you have made the reservation with an eligible card and you have a primary car insurance with full comprehensive coverage. In some cases your rental may be fully covered and in other cases your insurance deductible will be covered. You can save more than $100 on a weekly car rental.
2. Flight / Travel Insurance
Spending more than $100 on a flight insurance plan is like playing Powerball and hoping that you will win a jackpot - in this case only if the plane crashes. The reality is that you may be able to get travel insurance for free if you pay for the full fare with an eligible credit card.
3. Flight and Baggage Delay Insurance
If your flight or baggage have been delayed and the airlines refused to give you the cash compensation, you may be eligible for the full compensation through your credit card benefits. If you receive a partial compensation anything additional can be paid out by your credit card too.
4. Baggage Loss Insurance
If you completely lose your baggage and airlines doesn't compensate you or only partially compensates you, you can get compensated through your credit card.
5. Hotel Motel Insurance
If you lose your stuff while staying at a hotel, you can get compensated through your credit card.
5. Travel Medical Insurance
In some cases you may be able to receive the travel medical insurance through your credit card.

How come you have never heard about these wonderful ways to save before?

That is because these benefits are buried deep in the card member agreement. Bank Yogi Android and iOS apps can help you dig them through your benefits and file a claim.