Credit Card Benefits

What are the Card Benefits?

Card Benefits are the complimentary services that are offered by your bank or the card brands including American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa.  With card benefits  you can get services such as free extended warranty and free travel insurance. You can learn more about card benefits by going to

5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone X

Getting your iPhone X Protected - Is your Credit Card the best Option?

So now that you have placed an order for your iPhone X and you are excited about it, it is a good idea to explore few options just in case you accidently end up breaking the screen or have any other mishap with it.

How to save even more money on

5 Saving Tips for Amazon Customers

Amazon is known for its low prices.  However, Amazon customers may not be maximizing all of their savings.  We have compiled a list of things Amazon customers can do to save additonal money.

Whole Foods Data Breach: How Bank Yogi can help you with identity theft protection?

Whole Foods Markets announced on Thrusday Sept 28, 2017 that their payments information database may have been breached.    What do you need to know?
1. Grocery store checkout systems where a majority of the customers shop are not affected.   
2. Only the cards used at taprooms, full service restaurant and other payment spots onsite are impacted.
3. Even though Whole foods is now owned by their payment systems are separate from each other. 
4. None of the systems were compromised.  

How to get Free Extended Warranty for iPhone 8

Apple charges upfront fees for an extended warranty and damage plan as Apple Care.  Mobile carriers will charge you a monthly premium for their handset protection plan and in some cases AppleCare.  However, do you know if you buy your iPhone 8 with an eligible American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit card you can get a free extended warranty for more than a year.   You can also get an accidental damage protection for 3 months.  Some banks may even offer you an accidetnal damage protection for up to 2 years with a dedcutible.

Visitor Medical Insurance Card Benefit

Get all your medical expenses reimbursed when you travel outside the country -  Anyone can fall sick while traveling outside the country.  However not every health insurance plan will provide the coverage while you are traveling to the distance lands.  Buying a visitor's insurance can be very expensive and even then in some cases not all benefits will be offered.  However, your credit card may come to the rescue. 

Luggage Delay Protection Card Benefit

Just because your bags haven't arrived doesn't mean that you can't carry on.  Whether you are flying to  Beijing for Business or Paris for pleasure your baggage with all the stuff you need  to live your daily life can be easily delayed.  But that doesn't mean that you should not continue with your journey or the things you had planned.  Your credit card may have your back.  If you have an eligible credit card then you may qualify to get reimbursement of the eligible business and personal items you had to purchase due to the baggage delay. 

Identity Theft Protection Card Benefit

Restore your identity for free - Getting your identity stolen can be an emotionally and financially devastating event.  Identity theft protection plans are sold by companies such as Experian and LifeLock and resold by all major banks, retailers and wireless carriers for a monthly recurring fee.  The cost of protection your and your family's identity can be several hundred dollars a year if not thousands.

Flight Accident Insurance Card Benefit

Your Loved Ones Need to Be Taken Care Off -

Rental Car Insurance Card Benefit

No More Rental Car Insurance Charges that Cost More than Rental Itself - While on a vacation do you ever wonder why a Rental Car checkout is not as simple as buying a book from Amazon?  Do you ever wonder why do you have to stand in a line when you booked the car online?

Extended Return Period Card Benefit

Merchandize Returns Are No Longer Limited to 30 Days - There are times when we lose track of time and when we come around returning the items we purchased the return period is already over.  However, if you have fully paid for the merchandize in question with an eligible credit card you may be able to return it for up 60 days.