Rental Car Insurance Card Benefit


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No More Rental Car Insurance Charges that Cost More than Rental Itself - While on a vacation do you ever wonder why a Rental Car checkout is not as simple as buying a book from Amazon?  Do you ever wonder why do you have to stand in a line when you booked the car online?   Don't you get annoyed when the rental car agents press you to buy optional insurance that will cover the entire vehicle.  Well the reason because you have to go through this agonizing experience is because Rental Car Insurance companies make money not from the car rentals but from the these add on service instead.   However, we are going to share a little secret with you.  If you fully pay for your car rental with an eligible credit card you may not need to pay those huge premiums.

How Free Rental Car Insurance Works?

  1. You must fully pay for the car rental with an eligible credit card.
  2. You must decline the insurance commonly known as the collision / damage waiver at the time of getting the rental car.
  3. For some cards, the credit card issuer / bank may require you to have a primary insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage.  In this case the benefit will cover the deductible while your primary insurance will cover the vehicle. 
  4. You must the primary card holder and the driver on the car.  Some credit card issuers may allow your spouse to do the same.
  5. To file a claim you will need a full copy of the rental car agreement, credit card statement, and the accident related paperwork issued by your car rental company.
  6. You may also need your primary insurance deductible information.
  7. You will also need to provide details of an incident and the copy of the police report in case of an accident.

How to File a Rental Car Insurance Card Benefit Claim?

  1. Register your Credit Card and Car Rental with Bank Yogi Android or iOS App.
  2. Determine if your credit card has the car rental benefit support for your reservation.
  3. Express your interest in filing a claim.
  4. Bank Yogi App will guide you through the claim process.