Purchase Protection Card Benefit


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Accidental Damage, Loss, Theft - a Piece of Mind for 90 days - Some of us who have cracked the screen of a new smartphone we just bought or lost a new pair of designer sunglasses  For expensive items such as cell phones, computers, expensive electronics, home appliances and designer ware, merchants often try selling us expensive extended warranty or protection plans.   However with a qualified credit card - you are automatically covered for up to 90 days.  Almost every card issuer / bank and card exchanges such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa may provide some sort of purchase protection.  Some banks or card exchange may offer separate device protection plan for cell phones with our without a deductible. 

How Purchase Protection Works?

  1. You must purchase the item using an eligible credit card.
  2. This program may cover the cost of repair or replacement up to the amount you paid.
  3. You will need to provide your original itemized receipt and copy of the credit card statement as a proof of purchase.
  4. If the item was stolen a copy of the police report must be provided.
  5. You must provide the details about the purchased item.
  6. You must provide details about the damage to the item.
  7. You must provide details of the events if you lost the item or it was stolen.

How to File a Purchase Protection Claim?

  1. Register your Credit Card and Purchase with Bank Yogi Android or iOS App.
  2. Determine if your credit card has a purchase protection benefit support for your purchase.
  3. Express your interest to file a claim.
  4. Bank Yogi App will guide you through the claim process.

PS:  Some Home Insurance Policies may cover the same.