Price Protection for Chase United Airlines Credit Card Crashes


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Chase Ends Price Protection for United Branded Cards

Starting Jun 1st, 2018 - you are no longer eligible for the price protection for United Airlines Credit Card. What does it mean to you as a consumer? Well the answer is very simple. Despite the fees that are charged by Chase for their United branded cards, the savings of up to $500/per item and $2500/year have been shredded by the high spinning fans of a United jet. If you have made any purchases before June 1st, 2018 you may be still eligible for price protection for your online and offline purchases for up to 90 days. And yes, for your online purchases you do not need to signup with one of those services that require you to have an access to your email account.

Alternatives to United Branded Chase Cards to Get Price Protection

Now as a Change United Airlines Credit Card user you must be wondering what is next for me? Don't worry Bank Yogi has your back. Below are some of the options:
1. Any Discover Branded Credit Card
2. Any MasterCard Credit Card
3. Any Citi Branded Credit Card

What else Bank Yogi can do for you?

In this particular scenario, Bank Yogi can still help you get price protection for both your online and offline purchases without requiring an access to your email inbox. Don't be fooled by the the services that claim to get you price protection while they are busy sniffing through your email accounts. With Bank Yogi, simply register your product on the day of your purchase with your mobile app and keep a copy of your receipt. If the price drops, simply file a claim with your app and you will get the difference back.