Price Protection Card Benefit


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Your lower price may be guaranteed for up to 60 days or more - With state of the art algorithms, merchants are dynamically changing prices every minute in both their digital and retail stores.  Shopping is supposed to provide pleasure but in some cases it becomes a bitter sweet experience.  While most of the retailers allow customers to get a price difference within 30 days, price protection allows customers to extend it to atleast 60 days.  Almost every card issuer / bank and card exchanges such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa provide some sort of price protection.  Some items may not qualify for price protection.

How Price Protection works?

  1. You must purchase the item using an eligible credit card. 
  2. You must be able to provide a proof of price drop either in print ad or an internet site.
  3. The price drop on an internet set that is an auction site may not be eligible for this benefit.
  4. You must provide the original receipt and  copy of the the card statement as a proof of purchase.
  5. You must provide details about the item purchased, merchant location, advertised price and the price difference.
  6. A claim must be filed.

How to File a Price Protection Claim?

  1. Register your Credit Card and Purchase with Bank Yogi Android or iOS App.
  2. Determine if your credit card has a price protection benefit support for your product.
  3. Express your interest to file a claim.
  4. Bank Yogi App will guide you through the claim process.