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Auriemma Consulting Validates Bank Yogi's Value Proposition

The Cardbeat® report published by the Auriemma Consulting Group validates Bank Yogi's mission to help consumers maximize their credit card benefits. The study that was conducted by an independent field service provider on behalf of Auriemma consulting has discovered that offering card benefits is a key acquisition driver for the credit card issuers. The study also highlights the fact that the driver behind low usage of benefits is due to the lack of awareness. The study finds out that "55% of rewards cardholders didn’t know if any of their cards offer one of the benefits".

How to save by using Uber

  • You can enjoy ongoing savings besides the new customer bonus and referrals
  • No one is talking about these savings because they are hidden
  • These hidden savings can help you save upfront and also get cashback on your everyday purchases

    Oh No! Not another Uber savings article. I can bet this is what your reaction is when you read the title. However, I assure you that with this article you will find some unique ways to save money with Uber.

    Hidden Uber savings that you can unlock

  • Unlock Free iPhone Screen Repair

  • It is possible to get it fixed for free

  • It is also possible to get it fixed for almost free

  • It is also possible to get it fixed for cheap

  • It can be repaired or replaced on the same day

  • Price Protection - Five Myths That are Spread by a Few

    Price Protection also known as the Price Adjustment is a retail and travel practice that is followed by US and Canada based merchants to provide a price difference to their customers within a certain time period if the price drops from the original purchase price. Several mobile apps and websites that require you to signup with them by providing access to your email account claim to provide you the price protection.

    Price Protection for Chase United Airlines Credit Card Crashes

    Chase Ends Price Protection for United Branded Cards

    Tips on 15 Ways to Save on Travel This Year

    How to Save on Travel This year

    Money Magazine has listed 10 ways to save on travel this year. These are:

    1. Don’t sleep on layovers
    2. Minimize currency exchange fees
    3. Travel on Wednesday
    4. Get alerts on unusual discounts
    5. Know the cheapest times to fly
    6. Manage your phone bill
    7. Talk to the locals and experienced travelers
    8. Read museum signs carefully
    9. Sign up for travel rewards
    10. Skip the hotels

    8 things you must spend on and 3 you can skip on

    How to prioritize your spending

    A recent post on the Consumer Reports site discussed the list of 8 things users cannot skimp on. Bank Yogi team fully agrees with consumer reports. Below is the list of things that consumer reports recommends that you must spend on.

    1. Car Safety Features
    2. Car Insurance
    3. Vaccines
    4. Suncscreen
    5. Interior and Exterior Paint
    6. Charging Cords

    How to maximize your credit card benefits?

    Whether you are about to purchase a new smartphone or book a vacation with one of your favorite credit cards it is very important that you look beyond just the rewards such as cash back, miles and points.   You shall understand what other benefits are offered by your card that can help you enhance your purchase experience.  Below are some of the tips that we have put together to enhance your experience.  

    Learn about your credit card

    Visitor Medical Insurance Card Benefit

    Get all your medical expenses reimbursed when you travel outside the country -  Anyone can fall sick while traveling outside the country.  However not every health insurance plan will provide the coverage while you are traveling to the distance lands.  Buying a visitor's insurance can be very expensive and even then in some cases not all benefits will be offered.  However, your credit card may come to the rescue. 

    Identity Theft Protection Card Benefit

    Restore your identity for free - Getting your identity stolen can be an emotionally and financially devastating event.  Identity theft protection plans are sold by companies such as Experian and LifeLock and resold by all major banks, retailers and wireless carriers for a monthly recurring fee.  The cost of protection your and your family's identity can be several hundred dollars a year if not thousands.