How to save by using Uber


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  • You can enjoy ongoing savings besides the new customer bonus and referrals
  • No one is talking about these savings because they are hidden
  • These hidden savings can help you save upfront and also get cashback on your everyday purchases

    Oh No! Not another Uber savings article. I can bet this is what your reaction is when you read the title. However, I assure you that with this article you will find some unique ways to save money with Uber.

    Hidden Uber savings that you can unlock

    To get these savings through Uber you will need to have a an Uber Visa Platinum or Uber Visa Signature credit card. Some savings may be limited only to the Uber Visa Signature credit card.

    1. Save $100 - To save $100, you will need to spend $500 with your Uber Visa credit card within the 90 days of opening it. Given that its about 20 Uber rides in 90 days, it should not be difficult. You don't need to spend the whole $500 on Uber rides only. You can possibly spend it on food, grocery, entertainment and travel. Barclay's Bank that issuer of the Uber credit card will automatically put $100 as a reward as long as you keep on making your payments on time.

    2. Buy your breakfast, lunch and dinner - If you pay for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and morning coffee with your Uber credit card you will earn 4% cashback. This also includes UberEats. On the average we end up spending $400 to $500 on eating every month. This can be nice $20 savings every month. Add it up over the year - you are looking at $240 dollars.

    3. Pay for Travel - If you pay for your travel, including the Uber rides, airfare, taxi, car rental, hotel, motel, vacation home or an AirBnB you can earny 3% cashback. Average trip can easily be about $1000. That saves you about $30 every time you make a trip. Make 4 trips a year it becomes $120 bucks.

    4. Online Shopping and Streaming Services - Everyone shops online and we have subscriptions to streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix. Guess what - you can save 2%. On the average we end up spending $100 per month on online shopping and streaming services. That is a cool $24 bucks a year.

    5. Everything Else -Buy everything else and pay your bills with your Uber Visa card and you can earn up to 1%. One the average we spend almost $10,000 a year on other items. This can easily add up to a nice $100.

    6. Extended Warranty - Depending on which Uber credit card you have, you may be eligible for free extended warranty on your computers, electronics, home appliances, tools and toys. That can save you up to $300 per item you purchase in the extended warranty plan cost or repair costs.

    7. Cell Phone Insurance - One of the cool features of the Uber Visa card is that you can get free cell phone insurance as long as you continue on paying for your cell phone plan with your Uber Visa credit card.

    8. Car Rental Insurance - You may be eligible to get free car rental insurance with your Uber Visa credit card if you pay for the entire rental with it. You will need to have a primary car insurance and the Uber Visa will pay for the deductible in case of an accident.

    9. Travel Insurance - If you pay for the entire fare with your Uber Visa credit card, you may not need to buy a travel insurance. Your credit card may be able to cover in case of an accident or death. 10. Plenty of Other Savings - There are a plenty of other perks that you may be qualified for. This include lost baggage reimbursement or compensation to cover expense in case your baggage is delayed or flight is late.