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5 Saving Tips for Amazon Customers

Amazon is known for its low prices.  However, Amazon customers may not be maximizing all of their savings.  We have compiled a list of things Amazon customers can do to save additonal money.

1.  Get Amazon Prime - There are several benefits of prime membership including early shipping and free returns.  Amazon will also offer you free credits for their pantry or restaurants service if you are willing ot wait for an item for a couple of day more.  Think about it this way $10 Amazon Restaurants credit every time you decide to delay a delivery.  That is $10 off from your lunch bill or dinner bill.  

2. Get Amazon Rewards Visa -  If you have a prime member you can save more by getting 5% cash back year around.  This is a much better deal than Discover cards 5% cash back that is available to Amazon customers only for 3 months a year and has a maximum spending limit of $1500.  There are other benfits of having Discover including 5% cashback with other business and great card benefits. Even without a prime membership - Amazon Rewards Visa holders may get 3% cash back on

3. Start Shopping from a Retail Store - The best way to find out if you are really getting a bargain at Amazon is by starting your shopping at a local retailer.  Scan the UPC code of the product you are planning to purchase using Amazon's mobile app and you are likely to see 20-40% lower prices.   For example, recently I bought a Calvin Klein jacket from Amazon for only $89.   It was on sale at Macy's for $129.

4. Skip the Extended Warranty - Amazon is agressively selling extended warranty plan for everything including home electroncis, small appliances, tools and toys.   Unless you are paying with an alternative payment method such as Paypal or Amazon Payments - your credit card including the Amazon Rewards Visa may provide a free extended warranty for up to a year.   Bank Yogi Android or iOS Mobile App can help you make that determination and then track those warranties for you after you complete your purchase.

5. Price Protection for Amazon Products -  Yes - even though Amazon no longer provides price protection for 30 days to their customers you may still be able to to get it by using one of the two methods:

  1. Returning the item and re-ordering it on Amazon or a different retailer's site.
  2. Filing a claim with your Credit Card company.  Some cards provide this protection for up to 90 days.  A word of caution - some cards may require that retailer has a minimum of 30 day price match guarantee.  

6. Extended Return Period -  Unless you return it within 30 days Amazon will not take the merchandise back from you.  However, with a qualified credit card you may be ble to return the merchandise through your bank at a full price within 90 days of the purchase.   Bank Yogi mobile app can help you with processing your returns for the extended period.