How to get Free Extended Warranty for iPhone 8


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Apple charges upfront fees for an extended warranty and damage plan as Apple Care.  Mobile carriers will charge you a monthly premium for their handset protection plan and in some cases AppleCare.  However, do you know if you buy your iPhone 8 with an eligible American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit card you can get a free extended warranty for more than a year.   You can also get an accidental damage protection for 3 months.  Some banks may even offer you an accidetnal damage protection for up to 2 years with a dedcutible.  The point is that even with Apple Care you have to pay a deductible before Apple will repair the phone.  But if you purchase your phone with an eligible credit card you can get it for free.  In some cases there is no dedcutible at all and in other there may be a small deductible.  But there is no upfront premium to have your favorite iPhone 8 covered.  This also applies to iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6 and 6S.  Only new devices are covered.  Some cards may be willing to cover refurbished devices.