How Damage and Theft Purchase Protection Card Benefit saved the day


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I bought a new Dell Laptop just three weeks ago. While having drinks with my best friend at a local bar in Boston, I left my laptop in a bag hanging on my bar chair. We got busy chatting and ended up having a few drinks. When we were ready to leave the beg went missing. Both my friend and I frantically looked for the bag and asked everyone around but no luck. Given that it was a small bar there were no cameras. We called police and the officer took down our complaint and gave us report number. He told us that these kind of incidents happen often and it is hard to recover a laptop because thieves usually open them up and sell the parts individually to avoid any kind of tracking.

While all my data was backed up on the cloud and the hard drive was encrypted now I was left with an unexpected expense. But to my luck my friend suggested me to try the Bank Yogi app. When I signed up I found out that the app can actually help get reimbursed for my lost laptop if I have used an eligible credit card. To my luck, I had used my Citi credit card to pay for the laptop and after registering my purchase, Bank Yogi app told me that I might be eligible for the reimbursement of the cost of the laptop for up to $1000. And I was well within the 90 day permissible period.

I went ahead and decided to file a claim. Claim filing was very simple. All I had to do was provide a copy of the police report, a purchase receipt for my laptop and a copy of the credit card statement to show that the laptop was purchased with my Citi card. It took only a few days to get the claim processed and get reimbursed for the stolen laptop. Meanwhile, I ended up buying another laptop and restoring it from my backup.

Three lessons I learned from my experience:
1. Make your purchases using a credit card.
2. Keep all the documentation.
3. Purchase Protection card benefit can actually help you get reimbursed.