Flight Accident Insurance Card Benefit


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Your Loved Ones Need to Be Taken Care Off -

We fly for both business and pleasure.  However, as much as we love to fly it is still somewhat risky.  In event of an accident there might a death or injury.  Both you and your loved ones need to be taken care if something unfortunate like this happens.  A good quality flight insurance can easily add $100+ to your travel bill and your primary life insurance may not cover the event at all.   However, some of the credit cards are here to help you in case of a death or injury while flying.  You can get a Free Flight Accident Insurance through your eligible credit card. 

How Free Flight Accident Insurance Works?

  1. You must fully pay for the airlines ticket with an eligible credit card.
  2. You will need to provide the copy of the ticket, purchase receipt and the credit card statement to file a claim.
  3. You will also need to provide the incident details, a doctor's report and a police report if required.

How to File a Flight Accident Insurance Card Benefit Claim?

  1. Register your Credit Card and Purchase with Bank Yogi Android or iOS App.
  2. Determine if your credit card has the flight accident insurance benefit support for your trip.
  3. Express your interest to file a claim.
  4. Bank Yogi  App will guide you through the claim process.